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2016-2017 School Calendar

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Somerdale Park School has requested council to create and pass the parking ordinance for Chestnut Ave. to be parking only on the school side of the street during drop off and pick up times.  The ordinance will be up for discussion at the November council meeting.  Any questions, please contact the Main Office.








Somerdale Park School’s

Community – Parent Fall Class Schedule

All classes will take place in the school’s music room


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Ms. Palo and

Ms. Barnow


Mrs. Marroletti
Ms. Knecht

Mrs. Montroni



Mon, 10/17 (6:30-7:10PM) Thurs, 10/20 (6:30-7:10PM) Wed 10/19 (6:30-7:10PM)
Mon, 10/17 (7:15-8:00PM) Thurs, 10/20 (7:15-8:00PM) Wed 10/19 (7:15-8:00PM)
Mon, 11/14 (6:30-7:10PM) Thurs, 11/17 (6:30-7:10PM) Wed 11/16 (6:30-7:10PM)
Mon, 11/14 (7:15-8:00PM) Thurs, 11/17 (7:15-8:00PM) Wed 11/16 (7:15-8:00PM)

Community – Parent Class Sign-Up Link (click the link below)

Community Class Sign-up Sheet

Things to know

You may sign up for one or all the classes

Please register no later than 1 week before each class

The school will provide you with a laptop or you may bring your own device

Please email the instructor with any questions.


CO9IegSUkAAAh3KStudent Tablet Take Home Program

Attention 3rd through 8th grade students:

Tablets will not be signed out to students without the following:

1.Student Tablet Take home agreement form.  This needs to be filled out and signed before coming to school

SPS Student Tablet Take Home Agreement

2. Check made out to Somerdale School District in the amount of 25$ per student. (not to exceed$50 per family)


Students must be present at the time of pick-up to sign onto the machine while they are still in the building

Each machine will be issued with a charger and a bag.  This is the only charger that can be used with the machine.  Other chargers may damage the machine.

The tablet is to be stored in the bag when not in use, or while in transit for sake keeping.

Student Responsibilities:

Take proper care and be responsible with the tablet

Bring the tablet in its protective bag to school everyday  charged and ready for instruction.

Bring the charger, ear buds, stylus, and identification in the bag everyday ready for instruction.

Make sure the student One Note Notebook is completely synced before leaving school for the day.

Take home the tablet everyday regardless if needed or not.

Key Points




2016-2017 School Year

Calling all Parents of prospective Pre-Schoolers and Kindergarteners!

  Parents who have children that will be 4/5 years old on or before October 1, 2016 should visit our website page “Public” – then School Registration Forms for the 2016-2017 registration information.  The forms must be printed and filled out before returning them to the school.   Please contact the office to schedule an appointment with Mrs. Nichole Costello at 856-783-6261 x 813 when you have completed your registration information.   

It is very important for parents/guardians to bring all requested documents such as immunization records, original Birth Certificate, proof of residency, and medical history at the time of registration.  If you are missing any information you will not be able to complete the registration process for your child.

If you have any questions regarding registering your child, please contact the office at (856) 783-6261 and an office secretary will be happy to help.


Next Board of Education Meeting

The next Board of Education meeting will be on November 10, 2016, at 6:30 pm
and the next Work Session will be held on December 1, 2016.
You can review the agenda on our web page as it gets closer to the date and the public can utilize our WI FI to view it electronically during the meeting.

Next BOE Meeting: Thursday, November 10, 2016

Next BOE Work Session: Thursday, December 1, 2016

This meeting will be held in the Library

User- Friendly Budget

Please click here to view Dr. Vespe’s budget presentation to the community 2016 -2017 School Year




School District FY16 ABR Self Assessment Grade is Available Here