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The Renaissance Program is a concept and an attitude. It is a program intended to reward students and staff for their efforts and achievements. Renaissance isn’t just a program, though. It’s a process that encourages academic excellence, improvement, and citizenship. Founded by educators in 1988, it was created to recognize and reward the academic achievements of students from elementary school through college. Its primary goals are to increase student performance and teacher enthusiasm, and raise the level of community participation in schools. Renaissance schools often focus their program on four target areas:

– Increasing student attendance
– Improving overall academic performance​
– Increasing graduation rates
– Creating a positive, safe school environment

In schools that use the Renaissance Program as part of their curriculum, administrator​s, teachers and staff have noted positive progress in areas such as:

– Grades
– Standardized test scores
– Attendance
– Discipline

Additionally, a Renaissance school uses motivational concepts to reward and recognize the individuals who make school a better and more positive place. We here at Somerdale BELIEVE in the Renaissance Program and see the positive affect that it has on our students. Please visit the school website to see the criteria for receiving a Renaissance Card.  

More information about Renaissance can be found on the Renaissance website using the following address: ​​


The Renaissance Card Program is based on marking period grades (Core Academic Subjects) and serves to recognize tangible incentives, many provided by local and national businesses. Students become eligible each marking period according to their cumulative grade average as described below:

New this year 2017-2018:

1. Qualification criteria has been modified to make Gold Card membersip more exclusive and White Card membership more attainable. Please review the guideline chart below.

2. MAP Testing – MAP Test Scores will count toward both determining Renaissance eligibility and determining card color status. Students are encouraged to meet their individual projected RIT scores. Depending on current eligibility, students meeting or exceeding thei​r ​projected RIT Scores can earn students additional perks or a VIP Card. The projected RIT Score thesholds and how they will be incorporated into Renaissance are included in the qualification guidelines below. For more information on MAP Testing and RIT Scores please visit the NWEA Website at


– ALL A’s
– 1 or less unexcused absences
– 0 unexcused latenesses 
– 0 administrative consequences 
– Participation in school team or club activity
**Acheived 85% or greater of projected RIT Score



– ALL A’s and B’s
– 2 or less unexcused absences
– 1 or less unexcused latenesses 
– 0 administrative consequences
– Participation in school team or club activity 
**Acheived 50% – 84.99% of projected RIT Score




– ALL A’s, B’s, and/or C’s
– 2 or less unexcused absences
– 2 or less unexcused latenesses 
– 0 administrative consequences
**Acheived 43% – 49.99% of projected RIT Score 



Auto Disqualifiers
– Any grade lower than a C 
– Acheiving 27% or below of projected RIT Score

Auto Bonuses
– Meeting or exceeding projected RIT will bump student to next color tier.
– Gold card qualifiers that meet or exceed projected RIT will recieve an additional bonus (TBD). 
– A student who does not qualify for a Rennaissance Card but acheives or exceeds projected RIT score will receive a VIP Card 

Teacher Recommendation

– Students being recommended for a VIP Card must have shown improvement from one marking period to the next, missed qualifying for a Rennaissance Card in only one criteria category, and receive final VIP approval from the Rennaissance Committee. 
– Under a VIP, students will NOT be entitled to any in-school privileges.
– ​​Students can only receive a VIP Card one time during the school year!