The Renaissance Card Program is based on marking period grades and serves to recognize tangible incentives. Students become eligible each marking period according to their cumulative grade average as described below:

Schools have been using the Jostens Renaissance framework and resources for more than 30 years for:

  • Educator Morale & Retention
  • Academic Achievement
  • Character Development

 Qualification criteria has been modified to make Gold Card membership more exclusive and White Card membership more attainable. Please review the guideline chart below.


  • ü- ALL A's
  • ü- 1 or less unexcused absences
  • ü- 1 or less unexcused lateness's 
  • ü- 0 administrative consequences
  • At least three Cav Cash earned
  • Participation in a Club or Sport


  • ü- ALL A's and B's
  • ü- 2 or less unexcused absences
  • ü- 2 or less unexcused lateness's 
  • ü- 0 administrative consequences
  • At least TWO Cav Cash earned
  • Participation in a Club or Sport


  • ALL A's, B's, and/or C's
  • 3 or less unexcused absences
  • 3 or less unexcused lateness's 
  • 0 administrative consequences
  • At least One Cav Cash earned?




2022-2023 Renaissance "R.I.S.S.K. for Rewards" of Cavs Cash

This year in Renaissance in the classroom, students will learn to take a "R.I.S.S.K." for a chance at rewards. The main difference we wanted to make out of our first-year model of Cavs Cash was more value and meaning for EACH Cavs Cash awarded. Although we will be giving out less cash as a whole, students will value the instant reward with a chance into the end of the marking period raffle. The procedures are listed below:

-ALL STUDENTS need at least one Cavs Cash per marking period to go to that marking period's event (See Renaissance PowerPoint for criteria)
-All students should put their Cavs Cash in the bin of the classroom that they are in at that time. All Cavs Cash becomes raffle tickets at the end of each marking period.

VIP: Teacher Recommendation

- Students being recommended for a VIP Card must have shown improvement from one marking period to the next, missed qualifying for a Renaissance Card in only one criteria category, and receive final VIP approval from the Renaissance Committee.
- Under a VIP, student will only attend the marking period event
- Students can only receive a VIP Card one time during the school year!
Somerdale Park School
301 Grace St, Somerdale, NJ 08083


Club Advisors: David Santilli & Cindy Reid