Standards Based Education

  • Somerdale Park School’s standards-based instruction system establishes challenging and appropriate learning targets for all students. We do this in every course, at every grade level, and in every classroom. We use standards-based education across the district to ensure our students graduate with critical knowledge and 21st century skills. Click here for a video all about SBG, presented by Mrs. M-C. 

  • What is Standards-Based Instruction and Grading?

    • Provides a fair and objective way to evaluate students based on what they have learned while providing the appropriate level of challenge and rigor. 
    • Standards-based learning provides the foundation for 21st century learning opportunities that prepare students for today, tomorrow and the future.
    • Gives teachers a powerful system for teaching.
    • Helps parents be knowledgeable participants in their students’ education.
    • Standards-based education is the teaching, assessment and reporting of student performance based on consistent and equitable measurements. 

We use 4 indicators of mastery to identify how students are progressing:

Mastery Indicators

On the report card, these are identified by numbers 1-4, or IN/NE. 

the cupcake analogy

See a sample report card, below. You can see that this student improved overall from Q1 to Q4 in every subject. In order to determine the score of 1-4, we use rubrics, which are all available in the Curriculum Outline.

sample standards based report card