I&RS Committee

Somerdale Park's I&RS committee is based on the MMSAP model.  This model is structured to address the need of all at-risk students including the ones in greatest need. After being identified for initial classroom based modifications the student may be identified as in need of a comprehensive individualized plan.

These multi disciplinary interventions plans are based in a thorough evaluation of academic, attendance, health and behavioral data. A specific plan is created to address each area of concern starting with the most severe. The plan focuses in asset building for the student through researched based intervention strategies. Intervention effectiveness is reviewed continuously and reworked as needed.

The I&RS Committee members are all staff members at Somerdale Park School. They are trained in how to utilize resources to best fit the need of the individual by pulling on communal, parental and district wide assets. 

For more information on the committee, and how it might help your student, please review the information in this presentation, or contact Maria Montroni-Currais, Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction.